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Workshop on Energy Saving


22-23 of February 2017/Emerald Hotel/Prishtina - An international workshop on how to save energy and reduce energy costs in the company is about to take place next week in Hotel Emerald in Prishtina. The Workshop is organized within the framework of the West Balkans project and is led by the Bulgarian energy auditor of state, municipal and private buildings, Mr. Mihael Deliyski. The seminar is funded by the West Balkans project. By now about 30 participants have registered for the training, company and state institutions representatives.

The participants in the training will become familiar with the methods applied in assessment of their company’s energy consumption and will gain knowledge in the alternatives they might apply so as to make improvements and reduce unnecessary costs. The training has been developed in accordance with the latest European directives and legislation related to the implementation of the EU 2020 Strategy.

In the first day Mr, Deliyski will visit several preselected companies from the region of Pristina to get a direct picture of the energy consumption in their production and administrative buildings. Mr. Deliyski is going to use a thermal imaging camera in order to snapshot energy and heat losses and gains and inspect the humidity in the facilities of the companies. The collected information will be used as hands-on examples in the workshop. In the next days of the different topics related to the energy efficiency will be introduced. The second day will include presentations about European Legislation in the RES, the ISO 50001 quality standard and the benefits of the implementation of the method. After the lunch break Mr. Deliyski will present the topic on financial assessment of energy efficiency measures and а practical method for financial analysis. On the third day it is planned that the participants will become acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of certain energy saving measures in the industry. Along with existing problems Mr. Delyiski will present also contemporary solutions for the implementations of investment projects
The training that the BSBA offers is a part of the European GO GREEN initiative. In order build a competitive business and achieve sustainability in business the companies in South East Europe have to reconsider their energy consumption and undergo energy saving measures.