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A European study to identify and share the best practices of the industrial relations of Craft enterprises sectors: representation beyond administration, the possible leadership of SME (INWORK) - completed successfully

The project aims to improve expertise in industrial relations and to promote the exchange of information among parties actively involved in industrial relations. The project deals with industrial relations of Craft. At present, debates on industrial relations and representation of Craft enterprises are focused on administrative aspects: protection and regulation.

But, assuming as point of reference the overall competitiveness and growth of the economy, the project aims to investigate the contribution of Craft enterprises to this growth and their impact on the industrial relations and representation on the rest of the economy considering the equality of people respect their work.In particular, the project will aim to realize a study at two different levels. Top-down: to understand the impact of Craft enterprises in the economy. Bottom-up: to identify the best practices of leadership in the representation of craftsmen.Then, an international conference will be organized in Alessandria to present the results of the project. The project has been elaborated according to the experience of all the partners involved. The partnership is heterogeneous involving organisations linked to industrial relations as: Research centres and institutes, Non-profit making organisations and Craft Unions in order to represent all the target groups and stakeholders and coming from 6 countries of which 4 are new MS: Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria. The partners have identified two different target groups: the workforce that is employed in SME and specific categories of workers of Craft enterprises who are represented by trade unions of different sectors.

Finally, the project expected results are: 1. Identification, collection and analysis of the available best practices of the industrial relations of Craft enterprises in Europe to compare the different situations in the participating countries. 2. Exploitation of the identified best practices to raise the knowledge about the impact of SME’ craft in EU economy and the leadership in the representation of craftsmen work.      3. Organisation of an international conference in Alessandria to present the study results and to share experiences and best practices and involve counterparts, stakeholders and other EU countries.