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Материали от обученията по проект BG04-04-05-13-09


Над 280 общински, областни и държавни служители бяха обучени на основни теоретични познания и практически умения в областта на енергийната ефективност и възобновяемата енергия в рамките на проект BG 04-04-05-13-09:„Подобряване на знанията и уменията на администрацията в областта на енергийната ефективност и възобновяеми енергийни източници“. Проектът се финансира от Норвежкия финансов инструмент.

INVITATION to the Annual General Assembly Meeting


According to Art. 21 of the Statutes and based on a decision from Protocol № 22 as of 14.03.2016 from in absentia meeting of the Governing body of the Balkan Small Business Association the Annual General Assembly Meeting for 2016 is going to be held on 16 May 2016, 14:00 h in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the conference hall “Sredetz” of hotel Central Sofia under the following

Pilot project “Traineeships for the students from the Vocational schools in Albania”


Tirana, Albania, 25-26.02.2016 - The dual system of education and training which serves as a basis for stable economoic development in countries like Germany, has proved as a tool for fighting youth unemployment and ensuring better qualified labour force.After the successful cooperation between Koblenz Chamber of Crafts and the Albanian government for the drafting of Albanian Crafts Act based on the German experience in this field, Koblenz Chamber of Crafts has decided to extend its efforts in supporting Albania. Thus the idea of lauching  a pilot project for students’ traineeships in the companies came into existence.