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The BSBA starts a project within the Norwegian Financial Mechanism


13.11.2015/Sofia/Bulgaria - On 13 November 2015 a contract for the implementation of the project BG04-04-05 Training and education activities to increase the administrative capacity related to energy efficiency  and renewable energy measures was signed between the Ministry of Energy of Bulgaria, Managing Authority of the programme and the University of finance, business and entrepreneurship, leading partner in the project. The project is funded under the financial mechanism of the European economic area 2009 – 2014. 

Alliance of Danube Arts to be established with the Participation of the BSBA

DAC-Bucharest - resized

07-08.10.2015/Bucharest/Romania - The Balkan Small Business Association took part in a meeting initiated by the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant and co-organized by the Danube Arts and Crafts Centre (DAC), Rousse, Bulgaria. The topic of the meeting was Arts and crafts, a contributer to local and national economies and aimed to gather on one place organizations and institutions working in the arts and crafts sector from several European countries which are interested in partnering for future joint activities and initiatives related to the arts and craft sector. 

Business Forum Prizren 2015

Business Forum 2015

The Association of Craftsmen and Entrepreneurs of Prizren along with the Chamber of Commerce in Prizren organize Business Forum Prizren 2015 in the period 01-02.10.2015. The venue of the forum is Euro Centre Prizren.Kosovo is a young and rapidly growing country which strives to expand its foreign investments by developing and deepening its economic and trade relationships with the Balkan countries, West Europe and Turkey. Companies from Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Montenegro are expected to take part in this year’s forum.