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Business Forum Prizren 2015

Business Forum 2015

The Association of Craftsmen and Entrepreneurs of Prizren along with the Chamber of Commerce in Prizren organize Business Forum Prizren 2015 in the period 01-02.10.2015. The venue of the forum is Euro Centre Prizren.Kosovo is a young and rapidly growing country which strives to expand its foreign investments by developing and deepening its economic and trade relationships with the Balkan countries, West Europe and Turkey. Companies from Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Montenegro are expected to take part in this year’s forum. 

International Conference on Women Entrepreneurship and Third Competition "Family-friendly Company in SEE" took place in Sofia

Family-friendly Company SEE

07 July 2015/ Hotel Hilton/ Sofia- International Conference on the topic “Women entrepreneurship in South East Europe – challenges, potential and contribution to the economy” took place on 07.07.2015 in Hotel Hilton Sofia. It gathered on one place women politicians, women entrepreneurs and presidents of different women business associations from several Balkan countries and Germany. Organizer and host of the event was the Balkan Association of Women in Crafts along with the Balkan Small Business Association.

Mobi Pro trainees completed successfully their 6 week practical training in Germany

Gruppenfotos 2

The participants in the Mobi Pro Programme of the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs have successfully completed their 6 week vocational training in Germany. 17 trainees spent a month and a half working in different craft companies in Koblenz and the region of Koblenz. Among the sectors that the programme covered were: building, hotel services, bakery, electronics, plumbing and heating and electric installations.