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Fundraising for the Business Associations in SEE


12-14.12.2016/ Central Hotel/ Sofia - A workshop on Fundraising-Providing funds from third party sources-sponsoring the craft organizations, small and medium enterprises in South East Europe took place between 12 and 14 December in Sofia-. The workshop was organized within the West Balkans project and involved participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro and Bulgaria. Speaker of the workshop was Mr. Dieter Rehmann, owner and managing director of the German design and advertising company 31 M seated in Hessen.

Fundraising for Craft Organizations and SMEs


12 – 14.12.2016/Sofia/Bulgaria - А seminar on “Fundraising for the craft organizations, small and medium enterprises in Southeast Europe" will take place between 12-14 December 2016 in the conference room of Hotel Central Sofia. The workshop is organized by the BSBA and Koblenz Chamber of Craft, and financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

Special Meeting of the Members of the BSBA in Skopje


08.11.2016/Skopje/Macedonia –The members of the Balkan Small Business Association are gathering on 08.11.2016 in Skopje for a special meeting. The event will take place in Hotel Tomce Sofka and will start at 2.00 pm in the Conference hall of the hotel. Invited to the meeting were all member organizations. The primary objective of the meeting is to discuss the perspectives for the development of the BSBA and to outline certain steps for ensuring its financial independence in the short-term.