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Regional Exchange of Experience “Dual System of Education for the Craft Professions”


28.09.2016/Imperial Room 3/ Imperial Xheko Hotel Tirana/ Albania -  A Regional exchange of experience for the possible introduction of dual system of education for the craft professions in South East Europe” is taking place on 28 September in Tirana. The event is closely related to the pilot project for students’ in-company traineeships that is being currently implemented in Tirana.The idea of the event is to promote the dual system of education as a way for the students to get a more practically oriented qualification and better suit the labour market demand afterwards.

Balkan Business Community – the new network of small companies from South East Europe


The Balkan Business Community will strive to unite the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises from the South East Europe and to open space for their better visibility across borders.
After so many years of cooperation between the business organizations of micro and small businesses in South East Europe, the Balkan Small Business Association is now turning to the needs of businesses in the region. In Balkan Business Community we are trying to achieve TOGETHER the following goals:

Entrepreneurship Education at School in Europe


Developing and promoting entrepreneurship education has been one of the key policy objectives of the EU institutions and Member States for many years. Indeed, in the context of high youth unemployment, economic crises and rapid changes related to our complex knowledge-based economy and society, transversal skills such as entrepreneurship are essential not only to shape the mindsets of young people, but also to provide the skills, knowledge and attitudes that are central to developing an entrepreneurial culture in Europe. However, although some countries have already been committed to fostering entrepreneurship education for more than a decade, others are just starting.