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Autotech Plovdiv 2017

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Autotech Plovdiv 2017 / International Exhibition of Transport and Auto Service Equipment/ 06 - 08 March 2015 / Plovdiv, International Fair Plovdiv

The International Specialized Exhibition AUTOTECH is a network for dynamic contacts of companies, offering transport and auto service equipment, with different target customer groups. The exhibitors have the opportunity to use a variety of marketing tools, including the new events Tuning Zone and Caravan Salon. MAJOR EXHIBITION CATEGORIES: Motor vehicles
Railway transport
Water transport, sailing vessels
Specialized and cargo vehicles
Automotive spare parts and accessories, trailers
Oil and lubricants
Tuning of motor vehicles and motorcycles
Equipment and products for petrol and LPG stations
Garage and auto service equipment
Alarm and security systems
Commercial activities, including online stores