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Machine Building Plovdiv

25 - 30  September 2017 –machine building plovdiv Plovdiv, International Fair Plovdiv

MACHINE BUILDING is the leader among the eleven specialized exhibitions within the framework of the International Technical Fair with the biggest number of companies involved. According to polls they exhibit at the most representative Bulgarian forum of investment goods and technologies because of its prestige, tradition, commercial efficiency, size and large number of visitors. These factors make the exhibition the most suitable place for manifestation of the entrepreneurs in the field of Machine Building and Metallurgy. It is also a center, preferred by experts for information and know-how. MAJOR EXHIBITION CATEGORIES
MACHINE BUILDING: Metal-cutting and metal-working machines
Machine Building technologies and know-how
Tooling equipment
Welding equipment
Machinery for light industry
Machines for plastics processing
Lifting gear
Storage systems and warehouse equipment
Control and automation equipment
Laser equipment
Engineering METALLURGY
Technologies for metallurgy and foundry
Machinery and equipment for metallurgy
Machinery and equipment for foundries
Machinery and equipment for flotation and smelting
Metallurgical furnaces