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A European study to identify and share the best practices of the industrial relations of Craft enterprises sectors: representation beyond administration, the possible leadership of SME (INWORK) - completed successfully

The project aims to improve expertise in industrial relations and to promote the exchange of information among parties actively involved in industrial relations. The project deals with industrial relations of Craft. At present, debates on industrial relations and representation of Craft enterprises are focused on administrative aspects: protection and regulation.

Identification of future skills needs in micro and craft(-type-)enterprises up to 2020 - completed successfully

In the European Economic Area, micro and craft enterprises are an important pillar of the economic structure and development. Their significance for the labour market stems from supplying workplaces for some 38 million people. In recent years micro and craft(-type-) enterprises are confronted with considerable challenges, including lack of skilled labour, recruiting difficulties, lacking attractiveness for young people, sustaining the employability of elder staff members.

Building up Mutual Trust. Zooming in on EQF-level six with regard to the Engineering Sector.ZOOM Project






The European Commission has introduced an eight-level Qualifications Framework, in which all EU Member States are to reference their national qualifications and diplomas by 2012. In this context, practical difficulties have to date emerged particularly where traditionally different paths lead to the acquisition of similar diplomas.

The project will focus on two sectors: motor vehicle mechanics and electrical engineering.These two sectors have been chosen because they are quantitatively key economic fields in all participating countries with a high number of employees. Second transnational mobility plays an important role in these sectors and thus there is a certain need for transparency of qualifications as a prerequisite for enhanced workers mobility.


BG04-04-05-13-09 "Training and education activities to increase the administrative capacity related to energy efficiency and renewable energy measures"




PROJECT BG-04-04-05-13-09

Between 13 November 2015 and 30 April 2016 the Balkan Small Business Association is taking part in the implementation of the project BG04-04-05-13-09 "Training and education activities to increase the administrative capacity related to energy efficiency  and renewable energy measures" which is funded under the financial mechanism of the European economic area 2009 – 2014. The Managing Authority of the programme is the Ministry of Energy of Bulgaria. The University of finance, business and entrepreneurship is a leading partner and coordinator of the project.  

Partners in the project are The Balkans Small Business Association, the Bulgarian consulting company Energoefekt Consult and the Norwegian consulting company in the fields of energy, environment and safety, Norsk Energy.